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Since a lot of the mid-30s Boops are in the public domain, they were duped more than most of the series, making it harder to find copies that are not generations down. I got lucky to find good prints on many so far. This nice original NTA TV print is courtesy of Mark Kausler.

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“One of the best exercises s climbing stairs – so I have developed the Stairmaster.” His invention is a portable staircase on wheels, carved entirely of stone. Of course, as there are no moving parts on this primitive model, it is merely a stationary staircase that leads to nowhere. His pupils climb to the top of the flight – then fall flat on their faces when the staircase ends, with Einstone grimacing at another idea that didn’t work. Einstone’s next creation is revealed in the form of an audience-attended infomercial: the “Ab Crusher”. Perhaps this creation is a bit too effective, as Einstone has merely recruited and labeled a giant dinosaur to sit on his client and squash him flat. For an extra touch, Einstone throws in for the first callers a Tush Roller – a giant boulder that takes care of flattening the victim’s backside. Einstone encourages customers to call in, before this offer expires at the end of the Jurassic period. But Einsrone persists in his program, with primitive weight lifting, rope jumping (using the tail of a sabre-toothed tiger, who julienne slices the participant with his claws), and more advanced stair climbing on the scales of a dinosaur’s back. After 5 years, his Neanderthals are buffed like he envisioned, and Einstone declares they will be evolving into modern man sooner than expected. They invade the home of the dinosaur who kicked sand in their faces, ganging up and capturing him, and reclaim their women in the process. That night, the dino awaits his fate in a stewpot, while the tribe and their women wait for dinner to be ready around the camprire. Einstone is sure he’s made the scientific breakthough of the age, and decides to call his principle “Survival of the fittest.” But a large shadow looms overhead, frightening away the women and the other members of the tribe. It turns out the captured dinosaur was only a baby, and his humongous parent arrives on the scene to rescue him from the pot, and to stomp upon Einstone with one foot. Leveled within the dinosaur’s footprint, Einstone manages to utter, “Make that survival of the flattest.”

In 1995, Kasem quit his role as Shaggy in a dispute over being pressured to do a Burger King commercial as the character and that Hanna-Barbera would not make the character of Shaggy a vegan but later resumed the role in 2002.

Be sure to bring all your family and friends out for this much-anticipated opportunity to see these classic and now-rare cartoons the way they were meant to be seen—projected on ‘reel’ film, and enjoyed with a physical audience!

Now, both combatants are back to square one. Sid switches the characters’ heads back to their original places, then smacks Tex, stating, “That weren’t nice, darn it”. Tex flies across the room and into a large cupboard whose doors fly open, revealing a massive stash of boxes of candy. It seems Chastity had been watching her own figure, and never ate the many boxes of candy Tex and Sid had bought for her. The boys begin to shovel the chocolate goodies into their faces as fast as their arms will permit. Avery develops a lead, starting to squeeze Sid for elbow room. Sid pulls a cartoony fast one, by yanking Avery’s mouth clean off his face, then placing the second mouth upon his own face to permit him to eat twice as fast. Avery struggles to push candy into his face, impossible for lack of an opening. A light bulb appears as he gets an idea, and pulls out a pencil. Merely drawing a line across his face serves as the new opening for his mouth, and the race is on again. Outside, the limousine/coach pulls up to return Chastity home. As she waves her date goodbye, she turns to see her house bulge uncontrollably, then explode – revealing our two lovesick competitors, swollen up to fill the same shape and airspace where the house used to be. “What happened to you two?’. she asks. “Well, we saw ya fall for that fat guy…” begins Tex, and the result is told. “I wasn’t after that guy’s guts. I was after his gold”. Chastity reveals. Tex’s and Sid’s jaws again drop to the ground far below, with the sound effect of a claxon horn. Who should pick this moment to roll up in another limousine coach but the delivery boy, holding a massive wad of the bills they paid him. “Thanks for all the money, fatso. I guess I get the girl.” “I don’t think so”, responds Tex, who adopts Sid’s trick – pulling off his own head, and switching it with that of the delivery boy, so that now, he is in control of both the money and the carriage. Chastity’s eyes turn into hearts, and she leaps to join Tex inside the coach, as the two take off together. Sid, and the newly portly delivery boy, exchange dejected glances, then Sid offers, “You want to go for pie?” “Sure”, the boy responds. And the two of them roll down the road, as a pair of massive black balls against the rising dawn.

He created a very popular children’s puppet show entitled Time for Beany in 1949. Comedian Groucho Marx was a huge fan as was scientist Albert Einstein. Pillow Case

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The Garfield Workout (10/27/90) – Jane Fonda was fashion’s newest fitness guru, cashing in on the new medium of video tape with instructional videos, as well as opening a franchise of aerobics clubs known as “Jane Fonda’s Workout”. Obviously, the trend was ripe for lampoon – and Garfield performs such task with all the subtlety of a harpoon. Garfield opens the film in gym shirt and sweatband, pointing to the camera. “Are you ready to do the workout?”. he asks. The voices of the viewers respond “Yes!”. “Good. You ddo the workout. I’m going to take a nap.” He flops on an exercise mat, while a narrator provides a legal disclaimer screen of the kind one would find on an average workout video – sort of. “Caution: The exercises you are about to see should not be attempted except under the care of a doctor or good Italian chef.” Garfield promises a program of great exercises like the aerobic pasta lift, the cardiovascular refigerator door press, and aerobic snoring. Garfield provides helpful hints to tell when you’re overweight, including needing someone to use an instant camera to point out the location of your feet, wearing a wristwatch on each hand because you cover two different time zones, or, falling down and not even noticing it for days. Garfield demonstrates the “sit” diet with the unwilling assistance of Nermal – you can eat anything you want, as long as you can stand sitting on it. The principle works, because you can easily sit on a lettuce leaf, but not so well on a cocoa vanilla pudding cake with fudgey frosting – 22,611 calories, per crumb. The comedy diet is also helpful. You can eat anything, as long as it’s thrown at you. Garfield demonstrates by performing a lame stand-up comedy routine, ending with a barrage of foods thrown at him by the audience. The diet is effective because most of what is thrown is usually vegetables – although you get the occasional banana cream pie. Garfield presents Odie, exhausted from a traditional workout, and declares this is not conducive to good health – then demonstrates the principal activity in the Garfield Workout – falling asleep in his cat bed. Back at the Arbuckle home, Jon watches the show on a portable TV in his kitchen, and tells the audience that’s not really the Garfield Workout, then demonstrates what is, as he opens the oven to reveal a freshly-baked pepperoni and Parmesan lasagna. The aromas waft their way to the gymnasium where Garfield sleeps, halfway across town. Garfield’s eyes pop open, and he scurries in a blur past a spinning Odie, out the door, bowls down several pedestrians, races numerous city blocks, and arrives at the dinner table in 15 seconds flat to devour the lasagna using both paws. “Now that’s the Garfield Workout”, concludes Jon.

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