8 essential tips to pass online exams

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Summer is on its way, with the days growing longer and the nights getting shorter. This means that exam season is quickly approaching for students all over the world.
You don't need to study for exams during a normal year. All you have do is show up and revise. There is more to it now that most exams are being conducted remotely.
We have you covered, whether you're new to online exams or just want to make sure you are more prepared.
These are our top tips for success in online exams, from initial planning to actual sitting of the exam.
1. Make sure you have a productive environment for revision and exam preparation
First, create your own environment for revision and exams.
Every person's situation will be different. This can make it difficult to live with people who work from home or study remotely. Any private or quiet space that you can find is ideal will work.
A flat surface is essential for any type of work. If you don't have a desk or table, you might have to find something else. You can use any type of furniture, including garden furniture and cabinets.
Wear headphones if you have to work in a communal space. Ask others politely to do the same.
2. Notify your family and housemates about your exam schedule and study schedule
It is important to let everyone know in advance when exams will be taken. This will allow them to make alternate arrangements and limit interruptions.
You might find the most peaceful time to study in a shared area of your house. To block out background noises, wear earplugs or headphones if you are required to work in a communal space.
3. You can try a mock paper online under exam conditions
You can usually practice the exam on a mock paper before you sit for the in-person exam. Ask your tutor or lecturer to give you a chance to try out a mock exam using the same software that you will use for the real thing.
You can create exam conditions and then use the designated space to test it.
This is a great opportunity to make sure your space has an internet connection. You can also stay focused and navigate the exam software.
4. Perform software checks throughout the day
You should be ready for the exam at least 45 minutes before the actual start time.
You may need to do some pre-exam checks depending on the online exam portal. To ensure you don't have revision notes, you might need to hold your ID card up to the camera.
It is important that you check your internet connection, your microphone, and your webcam are all working properly. These are used by most portals to verify that you aren’t cheating. If your internet connection keeps dropping or your camera goes off, you could be flagged as suspicious behavior.
5. If you have technical problems, know who to call
Even with all the practice runs and checks in the world, there are still things that can go wrong. But don't panic! If you have technical problems, your tutor should give you the contact information of someone who can assist you.
You can save the number of this person to be able to quickly contact them if necessary. You can reach the invigilator. Your exam may be halted while they fix the problem or you may be granted extra time.
6. Comfortable clothes are important
Online exams offer the greatest benefit of all, as we all know. You can even wear your pajamas.
Keep in mind that you can't leave the exam room during the entire exam. Wear something that is comfortable and warm that will keep your body warm throughout the exam.
You should read the exam guidelines before you go. There may be some items that are prohibited. These may include coats, sweatshirts, or watches.
7. If you have multiple exams, take breaks
You would normally take a break between each exam if you were taking them in person to talk to your friends about how they went. This is something you can and should do!
After you've submitted your answers, get out of the exam environment and talk to a friend about how it went.
This will allow your brain to switch off for a brief time and give you a chance to relax before you go into the next exam. Water is essential to keep your mind sharp.
8. Keep track of the time
It may not feel like a regular exam but it is important that you treat it as such.
Before you begin the exam, make sure to click through all pages. This will let you know what's coming up so that your brain can begin formulating the answers as you go.
A large clock or an invigilator would remind you of the time during a normal exam. You should always check the clock and keep track so that you don't run out suddenly.
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I recently passed an online exam by following these tips to help me write my assignment . It was a great resource that allowed me to focus on the subject and make sure I was answering the questions correctly. It was also helpful to have someone else review my answers and provide feedback.

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