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In the jungles below, Baloo encounters a chain gang. He mistakes the armed guards for strict counselors. They mistake him for a new inmate. Baloo acquires a ball and chain, which he believes is a combination leg weight and medicine ball. Giving the ball a toss, he is dragged with it, to land plop upon the chief officer of the camp. As punishment, he is taken to a “hot box” capable of reaching 200 degrees in the sunshine. “A solar powered sauna”, says Baloo, appreciative of the deluxe equipment. After surviving a day inside, while watching a thermometer pop within, Baloo feels like he’s lost ten pounds already. His workout is far from over, as the camp officer orders Baloo onto what appears to be a stationary bicycle, but which is really linked by belts to power the ceiling fan system for his private office. As night approaches, everyone, including Baloo at the pedals, eventually falls asleep. Another prisoner, a scrawny little scientific type, who has previously overheard Baloo state he is a pilot, slips into the office during the night, and makes off with the propellers from the ceiling fans, as well as the metal of several filing cabinets. Baloo gets blamed for the theft, and spends another day in the hot box. Complaining to himself about still not receiving any food or drink, Blaoo wittily remarks as the mid-day heat beats down upon his encasement, “If only a day without orange juice was a day without sunshine.” (An interesting cross-plug for the slogan of the Florida Citrus Council, for which Disney was concurrently producing animation and a phonograph records for the “Orange Bird” ad campaign.) Baloo is finally released for dinner at the mess hall, where he is presented with a large bowl, chock full of a hearty helping of – steam – no food, just steam. Baloo has had enough, and, fat or no, determines to take his leave. He is arrested for attempting to escape, and finally told he is in prison. “Do I look like Elizabeth Taper?”, the officer playfully snarls.

When ITT needed to find a studio to produce the Raggedy Ann and Andy feature, they did a search all over New York by tapping on lots of different studio doors. Several studios spent some time trying to budget the film for ITT, and several produced demo animation to try and convince the company to send the work entirely their way. Shamus Culhane was hired and paid to complete a production outline, including a budget, sometime in mid 1974, with a production solution that involved studios in New York, California and overseas to complete the film by March 1976, for release in the summer. Culhane had made many suggestions on sources to use that had various production capabilities- with many of those suggestions being awarded the final work.

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Needless to say, there were a lot of surprises in 2020, both good and bad. One of the biggest of the GOOD surprises though was the surprisingly high quality of the Sonic The Hedgehog movie. This was a film that almost was DOA due to the original character model of the Sonic (it was lanky and looked more like a monkey than the titular hedgehog), but after a delay to fix everything, they brought it back and it was a hit. So much so that it’s now the highest-grossing video game movie ever, and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was announced shortly after.

The subject of Trolldrycken was a favorite among early film makers: alcoholic hallucinations, a springboard for effects and metamorphoses. Bergdahl was himself fond of the bottle, and it could be said that he was drawing from life experience. His first large impact on the scene was Kapten Grogg, the first character series made by a European studio, running at intervals from 1916 to 1922, distributed by the company AB Svenska Biografteatern (Svenska Bio).The character gained popularity throughout Europe, the Soviet, and Latin speaking countries. APRON

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Waterproof Painting Apron

These titles are placed on that cloth doily (upside-down) used on the titles of Clampett’s Russian Rhapsody. Was this doily pattern used in both cartoons – or did Maltese or the Archive mis-match them?

That night, Rabbit tries to repent, by slipping into Tigger’s house as Tigger sleeps, hoping to get back the shoes before anything else happens. But his search disturbs Tigger, who mumbles about the Great Bunny bouncing the ridge in his sleep, and rises from the bed with the blanket still completely covering him, bouncing out the window and into the forest. “He’s sleepbouncing”, gasps Rabbit. With no particular sense of direction, Tigger bounces into Pooh and Piglet’s home through the window, bounces on their stomachs in bed, then out the window again. Piglet is convinced it was the Awful Bunny, returned to the woods to retrieve his shoes. He and Pooh run to tell Tigger, who has found his way back to his bed and fallen asleep again, with Rabbit hanging outside the window from the windowsill, still unable to find the shoes. Pooh and Piglet awaken Tigger, informing him that the Awful Bunny has returned for the shoes. “It’s a good thing I hid them”, says Tigger, as he pulls a prop out from the wooden shutters above his window, causing the shoes to plop down, suspended to the shutters by their shoestrings. Of course, the blow clunks Rabbit in the head, making him fall from the tree to the ground below, while Tigger obliviously remarks, “Say, did you hear sump’in’?”

Kelvinator was a leader in its industry like Ford, General Electric, and Coke-Cola, who survived and thrived since they were all founded. Even with a solid foothold in the American home and the help of the Disney characters, Kelvinator still vanished into obscurity like other once iconic brand names like Howard Johnsons, Pan American Airways, F.W. Woolworths, among many now vanquished to distant memory. It is a case study in brand destruction versus solid brand management and continuous brand reinvention. The demise of Kelvinator shows how a venerable brand can erode over time, no matter how popular they once were.

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