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In 2007, an album called Bone-a-fide Hits! (D000117412) was released, combining Sing-a-Long Songs with studio versions of “Doggie in the Window,” Puppy Love,” “My Dog’s Bigger Than Your Dog” and others, plus two music videos. It was followed by another disc of similar material from previous discs entitled 101 Dalmatians and Friends (D000112902), marketed as a “picture disc” because the CD had a color picture that could be seen through the jewel case cover, as the insert card had been removed. Discs like these were usually sold through special arrangements with retailers and to promote home video reissues.

Surprisin’ Exercisin’ (Terrytoons/CBS, Possible Possum, July 1968, Cosmo Anzilotti, dir.) – Possible Possum and Macon Mouse bemoan their lack of food money, and the prospect that if something doesn’t change soon, they’ll be left with no alternative but to eat roast empty piggy bank. Billy Bear, however, arrives with good news. He’s landed a job with the park rangers to pose for photos for the tourists – provided he can take off some of his stomach blubber to make himself more photogenic. He’s received the loan of a box of exercise equipment for such purpose. However, he doesn’t reckon on the effect of its 1,200 pounds of weight upon the floorboards of the group’s abandoned railroad station home, and lands himself in the cellar after taking one step inside. “If you;’re not more careful, you’ll be reduced, all right”, says Possible, “to a hospital case, that is.”

This album contains none of the four songs heard in the film, 101 Dalmatians (including “Playful Melody,” which has lyrics but is only heard in the movie as an instrumental), but instead begins side one with a tune by the Sherman brothers undoubtedly written with the film in mind but unused except on records. Doormat

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Non Slip Bath Mat Easy To Clean

Bob recruited Lou “Zoot” Watson to do the voice of “Prince Chawmin” while Mel Blanc provided all of the other voices in the picture. Band leader Louis Armstrong wanted to do the voice of Prince Chawmin’ but was booked on tour.

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However, nowadays, Nightmare Before Christmas is a classic film for many, and for the man behind the voice of Jack Skellington, Danny Elfman, he couldn’t be happier with its status as a cult classic film.

Below are 13 cartoons which the original opening titles and credits are currently lost. These photographs and scans show that the original art is in very fragile shape. Cel paint is chipping off and the archive (or Maltese himself) sometimes mis-matched the credits and the background art. That said, I find it a miracle we can view any of these today. Here, feast your eyes on these:

Jerry wanted me to share some other things we just got scanned this week, but I will next week instead. This will give me a little time to combine some sections and maybe get a lot more in-depth about the technical details of combining color elements.

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