Version 7.1.5 is a microcosmosis of our philosophy

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P2Pah One thing I've been most surprised by is the level of enthusiasm our community is still showing about the World of Warcraft . A large part is due to the constant content we've been receiving for this game. How has that been on the developer side buy WoTLK Gold , creating the content on a regular basis against the sporadic droughts we experienced in past years?

We were very excited about it. When working on WoW we learned a lot from previous expansions. We learned things from Cataclysm going towards Pandaria, Pandaria into Warlords and others. One of the most important things we learned from Warlords is it's time to apply more patches. We must keep the game lively with content, and the method to do this is by making surethat every couple of months, or every so often there's something new to play. This is why we're releasing these .5 patches - to give you regardless of whether it's the huge raid tier or farming in the outdoors something brand new players can enjoy.

It's something we've always wanted to try during our work for World of Warcraft , and finally, we've set our sights on and are really pleased that we're able of get this better experience for the players.

Version 7.1.5 is a microcosmosis of our philosophy with micro-holidays it shows these ridiculous things that we could take part in, or time-walking that is a tribute to the things players really cherish. There are even micro-holidays that draw the attention of AQ. like that WoW has just had numerous content updates over the years, and we're now in the same tradition of providing new activities for players that are brand new and that we're excited about WoW WoTLK Classic Gold .

Do you think this is sustainable? Are you able to maintain the speed of massive content?

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