At this point.... let us speak the truth!

The truth is, nobody is willing to believe what

I stated on this web site! I stated this is the only learning system providing you a good knowledge of English language if you are an Italian person, and Italian Language if you are a foreign one; I stated I can do it in a very short time, such a Six Month Course in order to let you achieve a basic language using appropriate words and common saying; I stated you can get a real pronunciation for you need to understand what English people say and you need to be understood by everybody since you wish to have contact with foreign people. Maybe, just maybe, you are not interested in changing your mind at all, because you do believe your own language is enough to you..... but, I say, this is not true! Let me tell you a story about this: one day, an American couple left for a Chinese town, and they brought their dog with them, it was part of the faimily of course. Husband and wife were unable to speak Chinese. It was around one o'clock in the afternoon when, one day,  they came into a restaurant out there, the man called the waiter who soon arrived. the American guy tried to tell him they intended to sit somewhere and have their lunch, but the waiter seemed not to understand a word! At last the American guy tried to make the waiter nderstand moving his hands, expressing in a figurative language their intention, and, indicating his wife as first, then himself and ending with their dog, he put his hand at his mouth in order to say they wanted to eat something; the waiter smiled and took the dog with him. The man said to his wife that, probabily, it was denied to dogs staying in the restaurant rooms. At the end the waiter brought them a delicious meal and, when they finished eating they asked to get back their dog, and the waiter brought them in a tray, hair, bones and a collar dog! You can figure out the next scene! All of this has happened for real, so be careful, do not go anywhere if you do not know even the National Local Language!                                                                                                                                                                                            

            Piero Mascali