How can I promote my Project?

How can I promote this learning system of mine? Let me see.....First of all
it is not for sale, so you cannot pay for it and bring it home: it is a Service. What kind of Service? Maybe the one adopted in any school all over Italy? Absolutely not! Do you know what kind of Service is given out by any type of school in our land? Listen up, this is really nice: "Three or four months ago I decided to go to a privated school in my town in order to get an IELTS certificate for my school, which is privated as well, then I subscribed a contract for a ten hour Course which cost me 450,00 euro. On the first day, as soon as I got to the place which is 15 kilometers far, (it took me one hour to reach that school), I met my mother tongue teacher; now this lady started explaining to me what kind of tests were requested to pass an IELTS exam, and I said: But I can do that on my own consulting my IELTS books or Internet for free: am I supposed to pay 45,00 euro an hour for such a Service? No, she answered, this is an English Lecture..... Of course, I said, but I used to work for the U.S. Government - NAS Sigonella - for thirty-two years, helping those people, mother tongue too, in a million of ways, and, in doing so, I never paid a dime, but I received my monthly paycheck! But this is the truth about any language learning system that are adopted in Italy though; Obviously nobody can open your brain and put inside, instantly, all the information you need, to achieve the skill which makes you get a good English, unless you try to learn them on your own, using computers, books and anything else you think is good to improve your knowledge concerning your very expensive lesson! Believe me, I felt like if somebody had stolen my money out of my pocket, and I guess, nobody likes that! Indeed, every time I have a class, I never allow my students to bring homework in order to review my lesson, because all of them can easily learn any information through the learning system of mine, which I strengthened a lot, with no mnemonic effort and in a permanent status; for example, on the third lesson of this system you colud learn forty-six new words in three hours at most, and you do not need to go back to review the lesson,avoiding any boredom or mnemonic stress, nothing like that! Do not you believe it? Give it a try! Then I keep wondering: "How can I promote this learning system of mine? Maybe giving it out for free? But if you go to the home page, see "SENSATIONAL OFFERS FOR EVERYBODY!"..... I have not received any answers yet! Do  not you even try to attend for free the Course or the System or the Method or whatever you like to call it? Then I wonder again: " Seeing you are trying to learn an English language anyway, is that possible you are still suspicious at the point you are not willing to give it a try? Minwhile you keep asking and search around to find WHAT? Probably my School which is a good place that makes you learn a good English, but you cannot even see it! Is that possible that I still have not caught your attention after all this articles of mine written in this website? I can see you follow me, even at a distance, but you do, though! But if you are not willing to give it a try for a couple of times, how could you believe I am a trickster? Is it not enough reading on "Testimonials" on the item "CHI SIAMO" all the Comments written by some of my students who have already tested this Learning System? And I wonder: "Is it that difficult and unbelievable to subscribe this website? It is not an English Course, it is just subscribe for free a website like a Face Book or something. I understand this website cannot be compared to a Face Book, but I have been trying for a couple of years though. At this point I do not wonder anything else, but I would like to give my readers a question, (or should I say: I would like to give my ROBOTS a question... it is funny, is not it?); well, my question is: After all the arrangements I brought forth to make you understand such a great opportunity to learn a good English in the easiest way, what do you suggest me to do? Oh, I, had almost forgotten it, in order to suggest me what to do, you need to subscribe the website, and I know I only can dream on it! I also stated I could offer thousand and thousand of job vacation to those people willing to work for English no Problem School, so that unemployment would decrease a lot! Apparently nobody is interested in what I stated! As for me I am not going to give up, even wether so many times I tried to break all of this; maybe, one day I could get my own revenge, maybe with an endless line of people asking for my System, who knows?                        
Piero Mascali