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BILL TESSENDORF, head trainer: We didn’t have any shelving in there. We had probably 3,500 VCR tapes [of college games] that they brought over. We literally lined the hallways and stood them on end so you could see the label.

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The Panthers are blessed. The top OT prospect falls to the them at eight and they can’t pass on a LT for the next 15 years. Sam Darnold has solid protection now to go with Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore and Robby Anderson. The team has allowed him a chance to succeed.

Outstanding personal and football character. Strong work ethic and never mails it in. Chased down an interception at the final game of a 3-win season in 2019 vs. Illinois, traversing the field and running 30-plus yards to bring down the interceptor. Houston Texans Pillow Case

The Chargers have needs defensively, as they allowed 27 or more points 10 times in 2020 and lost seven of those games. They only had 27 sacks as a team (7.5 from Joey Bosa) and they need more power up front to compete in their own conference, much less the rest of the NFL.

ADAMS' FRIENDS insist he wasn't ashamed of the way his NFL career ended, but it also wasn't a subject he liked discussing. When he decided to open a Rock Hill smoothie shop in 2019, dubbing it "Fresh Life," he refused to use his past NFL career as part of the marketing. He saw food as medicine, according to Tynetta Moore, a long-time friend who ran the business for Adams. He wanted to provide healthy fruits and vegetables to a predominantly Black part of town that didn't even have a grocery store. New England Patriots Pillow Case

At no point, Scott said, did Adams inquire about seeking neurocognitive benefits. He just wanted to know, if he was approved, how long it would be before he started getting a check. "Usually what happens with these guys when they come to me, they've already exhausted all of their friends and family business associates," Scott said. "They don't want to apply for disability, but this is their last chance. And when they're strung along like this, they feel kind of desperate. They feel it. When they're approved, great. Because they usually have some debt to repay people. But when they're denied, they got no other place to go. And there's nothing else out there for them because they have to wait a full year before they're able to reapply." Cleveland Browns Pillow Case

The Vikings may be forced to settle for good enough on their defensive line. “Settle for good enough” might as well also be the team’s slogan at this point. Indianapolis Colts Pillow Case

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Custom Made NFL Pillow Cases

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